Superior Quality Flavours

Relishing liquid and powdered flavours for all kinds of savoury, beverages, cloudifiers and sweet goods.

"FIRMENICH FLAVOR"- There is more than taste in a drop of Firmenich flavour.


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Beverage Flavours
Best for carbonated soft drinks, juices, alchoholic drinks and special drinks.

Powdered Flavours
Most suitable for powdered drinks, biscuits and others.

Encapsulated Flavours
Gives your chewing gum the desired taste and sweetness.

Liquid Flavours
Water soluble that are very stable in heat and suitable for your beverages.

Best cloudifiers for fruit juice to give it a more natural look and visual appeal.

Sweet Goods
Flavours for bakery, cereals, confectioneries, dietry and pharma.

Best for soup cubes, sauces, snacks, proteins, prepared meals and animal foods.